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Heyi Industrial (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
Gathering together, Yuru Yucheng

One. Geographic location and corporate characteristics)Heyi Industrial (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. (Heyi hereafter) is located in Wangniudun Newton Industrial Park, the city of Dongguan, which is China's pioneer manufacturing  center. Heyi is right off G4 (Guangzhou-Shenzhen) and S3 (Yanjiang) highway and is immediately adjacent to Guangzhou Huangpu Port, one of the busiest sea port in the world that connects Heyi to the rest of the world.
Heyi has successfully grown to become a manufacturer with products sold to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe, and mainland China, reflecting the worldwide demand for its cutting-edge products. Reorganized in 2010, Heyi is now a privately owned company with limited responsibility and is an independent legal entity with Mr Hecheng Lei as the legal representative. In the same year, Heyi acquired the import and export operation right for general trade goods in China.
Heyi’s manufacture facility is a four story building with an area of 6400 square meters in total. The facility was designed and built according to Heyi’s world-class delicate specification and requirement, in order to support Heyi’s advanced manufacturing technologies and pave the way for Heyi’s future development. As a part of the industrial park, the facility is managed by Guohong (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., ensuring a stable and welcoming environment for Heyi’s operations and development.

Heyi specializes in producing flame retardant masterbatch and high quality sodium antimonate for dedicated purpose, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons and 2500 tons respectively. Heyi is consistently embarking on R&D for the production of antimony based materials and rubber based flame retardant materials.
As of 2016, the main products include antimony trioxide masterbatch with various carriers, sodium antimonate, sodium antimonate compound, Anhydride sodium antimonate , phosphorous flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide (superfine grade and/or for dedicated use), aluminum hydroxide (superfine grade and/or for dedicated use), and modified powder materials for engineering plastics.
Supplier, customer and corporate culture.
Heyi is proud of its professional teams in both production and management. Working together for over two decades, the team elevated Heyi to be the most advanced and dedicated producer of flame retardant masterbatch and sodium antimonate in China. Its products have been sold to and regarded highly by customers in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe, and mainland China. By providing high quality products and outstanding customer service, Heyi continues to grow its satisfied customer base.

Three. Suppliers and customers and corporate culture
Being aware of the importance of high quality raw materials to ensure high quality products,ever since the very beginning, Heyi is aiming for creating a win-win situation with its suppliers. Heyi keeps meticulously maintaining and nurturing supplier base to ensure a stable raw material supply. In turn, such multi year mutual trust has win Heyi a solid foundation for long term development.
“Stay Lean and focus; be disciplined and dedicated” is the slogan of Heyi. Just like a saying goes in China: Only when you devote your full heart and stay focus, you can achieve success. Heyi will continue to do what it says and stay lean, stay focus.
We are convinced that  high quality products can only be produced by a focused team; that a company can achieve long term success only when it stay lean and dedicated; that the best customer service can only be delivered when we are the expert in the field.


2009/ th
Established in 2009
20000/ Square meter
Plant area
150/ People
Currently has 150 employees


Company Culture
We manage every product with our heart to provide high-end services in the industry. At the same time create value for customers and provide services superior to peers.

Vision: To be a customer-satisfied sodium antimonate product
Philosophy: Be grateful to be a man, be dedicated to work
Objective: To build a high-end sodium antimonate brand
Spirit: unity and hard work, dedication and integrity, innovation and excellence