Advantages of melamine cyanurate

Melamine cyanurate is a halogen-free environment-friendly flame retardant containing nitrogen, which can make the flame retardant material reach UL94 V-0, especially suitable for nylon 666 without filler. This product has economic, efficient, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, no discoloration, low smoke, and low corrosion. At the same time, it is low toxic, safe for users, good compatibility with the environment, good thermal stability, and very suitable for material processing. MCA is a melamine cyanuric acid salt synthesized by melamine and cyanuric acid in water, which is an adduct combined by hydrogen bond. It is an excellent flame retardant, commonly used in nylon 6 flame retardant engineering plastics, and the obtained material has high CTI value. The flame retardant nylon 6/PP/wollastonite composite was prepared by Sichuan University with grafted hydroxymethylacrylamide as compatibilizer and MCA as flame retardant. When the mass fraction of MCA was 10%, the oxygen index of the material was 31%, and the mechanical properties were good. Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. of Japan has developed a nylon mixture with improved flame retardancy and mechanical properties. It is composed of nylon 6, MCA, stearic acid, sebacic acid and hexamethylene diamine. The flame retardancy of the products made by it reaches UL94V-0 grade, Izod impact strength is 6kJ/m2, and flexural strength is 3700MPa. The addition amount is 18%~25%, and the flame retardancy reaches UL94V-0. MCA cannot be used alone for flame retardant and reinforced engineering plastics, but should be shared with other flame retardants. MCA not only has a good synergistic effect with the phosphorus flame retardant, but also can achieve good flame retardancy when used in combination with the phenolic compounds. The product has good flame retardant effect, low dosage, non-toxic, less smoke, good compatibility with nylon resin, little impact on mechanical properties, and is not easy to cause mold adhesion, foaming and frosting during processing. The addition amount is about 20% according to the requirements for nylon products. Evenly mix it with nylon in a certain proportion, vacuum dry it for 8 hours below 110 ℃ to make the water content lower than 0.1%, and prevent the dried materials from re absorbing moisture. The injection temperature is 240-260 ℃, the mold temperature is 60-70 ℃, and the injection pressure is 600-800Mpa. It is also applied to PE, EVA cables, heat shrinkable tubes, TPV cables, and silicone rubber flame retardant. It can reach UL94 V-0 flame retardant effect. In the glass fiber filling and filling system, it can also achieve the flame retardant effect of UL94V-2, which can be used as the extrusion agent of cable material with good dispersion effect.