Detection method of melamine cyanurate

Use the difference in the solubility of melamine cyanurate, melamine and cyanuric acid in the solvent to remove melamine and cyanuric acid from MC products to obtain pure melamine cyanurate, and then obtain the accurate content of melamine cyanurate in the products according to the quality change of MC products before and after solvent treatment.

Method for determination of principal components in MC products

Weigh 110g of MC product, accurate to 01000 2g, put it into a 150ml triangular flask, add 50ml of deionized water and 10ml of self-made solvent, and put a rubber stopper. Place it in a 30 ℃ constant temperature oscillating water bath, and shake it for 10-15 min. Take it down, use a 105 ℃ constant weight G4 glass sand crucible for immediate suction filtration, use about 30 ℃ deionized water to transfer the precipitation, wash the precipitation with this water for 3 to 4 times, pump it out each time, and bake it to constant weight at 105 ℃.